The service mesh space is quickly maturing. The service mesh toolbox provides a bevy of different features that can address different microservices challenges, and service meshes are ready to be used in production deployments. But what about the enterprise? They need additional features that address policy, configuration and a uniform view across distributed teams. With this in mind, we built a new user interface that will make it easier for you run a service mesh in your enterprise. A redesigned UI brings the most important information to the forefront so you can easily understand the real-time status of your mesh. Here’s a quick look at some of the features to give you an idea what to expect with the new Aspen Mesh UI.  

  • See security and performance posture at a glance – service graph surfaces real time mTLS status and health scores provide visibility into performance
  • Go from macro to micro view – zoom from service graph view into namespace and workload details
  • View service details to quickly identify failures or bottlenecks – view and sort services by latency, error rate and health scores
  • Understand the health of your mesh and be alerted to any mesh configuration errors by our Istio Vet tool
  • Use Aspen Mesh Experiments to securely test and qualify new versions of microservices in your production environment without affecting users

Click play on the video to see it in action


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