What Aspen Mesh Adds to Istio

Harness Istio without the headaches. The Aspen Mesh product and team of experts make it easy to get started with service mesh.

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What Does Aspen Mesh Add?

There are three distinct areas that Aspen Mesh focuses on to deliver a distribution of Istio that is easier to operate – and more powerful:

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Service Mesh Health Assessment

First we conduct a 360° quantitative and qualitative deep inspection of your service mesh across all key areas. Then we provide health scores and recommendations to mitigate risk and optimize performance.

Security Essentials

We ensure your Istio security is implemented correctly to ensure your service mesh can mitigate any external or internal threats. Best practices and proper controls are put in place for peace of mind.

Performance Essentials

We help you achieve your performance goals by benchmarking your existing environment, then tuning settings to ensure your resources are appropriately allocated. Get complete observability of key metrics.

Service Mesh Architecture Implementation Design

We help you architect a tailored, a high-level technical solution. Our architecture installation configuration worksheet and best practices are blueprint for your implementation.

Istio Upgrade Assurance

Our team of experts provide upgrade procedures customized for your environment to ensure your upgrade runs smoothly. We show you how to minimize downtime and leverage new Istio features that become available.

Customized Services

We offer a range of on-site and remote services from implementation to configuration and end-user training. Our goal is to help you realize the most value from your Service Mesh.

Let our team of experts talk with you about your next steps.


Additional Features

  • RBAC for service traffic
  • Rich visualization of services
  • Real-time performance and security monitoring
  • Simplified mTLS management
  • Identification of configuration errors
  • A validated and supported distribution of Istio
  • Technical support
  • Bug fixes and feature development
  • Open Source community representation

Our distribution of Istio makes it possible for enterprises to get the full functionality of a service mesh along with the certainty they need to run in production.

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If you’re scaling microservices on Kubernetes, it’s only a matter of time until you’ll need a service mesh to get the most out of your distributed systems. And as you gain speed and agility with your microservices, you’ll need to think more about stability and security. This is where a service mesh can be a game-changer.

It’s no surprise that companies are adopting Istio as their service mesh of choice. It provides a powerful toolbox that addresses all sorts of microservice challenges. But it does come as a surprise to many enterprises who find there are extra stability and guarantees required. It makes sense, though. The complexity and distributed nature of enterprise engineering teams also means more features are needed to address observability, policy and security.

So, we set out to solve that headache. Aspen Mesh adds enterprise features on top of Istio providing all the functionality and flexibility of open source, plus features, support and SLOs that are critical to operating applications in the enterprise.

Istio is a powerful tool for scaling microservices on Kubernetes. But if you’re not an expert, it can be difficult to implement and manage. If you’re like many enterprises, managing microservices infrastructure is likely not a core skill or value driver for your team. And that’s okay, because time spent adding features - instead of managing microservices infrastructure - provides more value to your business and customers. This makes service mesh an ideal candidate for being managed by a team of experts.

Our expert team at Aspen Mesh is here to help you solve these challenges, so you can focus all that other important stuff.

If you’re intrigued – or maybe already convinced by the power of Istio – but understand cutting-edge open source technologies are free like a puppy, we can help you harness the power of Istio without the headaches.

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