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Getting the Most Out of Your Service Mesh

The Aspen Mesh team knows that service mesh has broad implications and benefits whether you're a product owner, a software developer, or an operations leader. Someone in Dev is going to have very different questions than someone in Ops. And an App Owner is going to want to better understand things like a service mesh’s impact on the bottom line.

This guide will help you understand the benefits no matter your role in your organization:

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Adopting a Zero-Trust Approach to Security for Containerized Applications

Adopting a zero-trust secure service mesh can help remove the burden of addressing security requirements from your application development teams, freeing them to focus on functions that provide direct value to your customers. Find out how in this whitepaper along with:

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Service Mesh University

Catch up on all things service mesh in these seven, on-demand videos with the experts that help you learn more at your own pace. Everything is organized into bite size sections including:

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Manning eBook: Solving Microservices Challenges with Service Mesh

Based on our knowledge of service meshes and the lessons we’ve learned helping users adopt service meshes and build advanced applications on top of them, Aspen Mesh and Manning have put together a comprehensive guide on how to apply service mesh to containerized applications. Chapters include:

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The Complete Guide to Service Mesh

Service meshes are new, extremely powerful and can be complex. If you’ve been asking questions like “What is a service mesh?” “Why would I use one?” “What benefits can it provide?” or “How did people even come up with the idea for service mesh?” then The Complete Guide to Service Mesh is for you.

Check out the free guide to find out: