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Boost Engineering Efficiency

Aspen Mesh Rapid Resolve makes it easy for engineering organizations to reduce MTTR (mean time to recovery) and increase efficiency. You can quickly identify when errors occurred and pinpoint their sources by surfacing the right insights at the right time. You get fast, reliable and actionable information about downtime, failures and outages. More uptime means more revenue and better customer satisfaction. And Rapid Resolve gives you the agility and stability that you need for a competitive edge. With Rapid Resolve, you see actual configurations, policies, and changes made within a cluster, so you can:

Identify Root Cause
Quickly identify the root cause of failures

Report Actions
Report easily on failures and remediations

Apply Fixing Configurations
Apply fixing configurations directly, without switching apps

Architect Secure Systems
Architect more resilient and secure systems for the future

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Why Rapid Resolve?

Rapid Resolve provides the ability to find root causes in a smart and efficient way when application performance or availability is below expected levels. The Restore, Replay, Report and Predict features combine to provide a powerful, reliable and actionable view of downtime, failures or outages so you can find and fix problems faster — and reduce alert fatigue.

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Rapid Resolve Restore

Restore is a smarter, machine-assisted way to effectively reduce the set of things an operator or developer has to look through to find the root cause of failure in their environment. Root causing in distributed architectures is hard. Aspen Mesh Restore immediately alerts engineers to any performance outside acceptable thresholds and makes it obvious where any configuration, application or infrastructure changes occurred that are likely to be breaking changes.

Rapid Resolve Replay

Replay is a one-stop shop for application troubleshooting and reducing time to recovery. Aspen Mesh Replay gives you the current and the past view of your cluster state, including microservices connectivity, traffic and service health, and relevant events like configuration changes and alerts along the way. This view is great for understanding and diagnosing cascading failures. You can easily roll back in time and detect where a failure started. It's also a good tool for sharing information in larger groups where you can track the health of your cluster visually over time.

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Rapid Resolve Report

Report makes it simple to provide an easy-to-understand view of what caused outages or failures and what corrective actions were taken. The Aspen Mesh Report tool also makes it easy for the entire team to understand root causes and remedies, helping developers and platform operators prevent future outages and performance issues.

Rapid Resolve Predict

Predict provides a view into the future by surfacing pointers to things that increase the risk of your application failing or performance degrading based on data, machine learning models and the evolution of your system. By providing context and data before things go wrong, Aspen Mesh Predict gives you the option to update configurations or invest in infrastructure and continue to meet and exceed SLAs.

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Increase Uptime with Rapid Resolve

Aspen Mesh Rapid Resolve provides a secure, reliable and actionable view of downtime, failures or outages so you can find and fix problems faster. Schedule a demo with one of our experts to get more info about how Rapid Resolve can help you manage Kubernetes at scale.

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