Open Source Contributions

Here are a few of the open source projects our team has been working on. Enjoy!

The open source community is unique and awesome! We’re passionate about helping the community continue to deliver ever-improving code. Because of this, we’re happy to contribute our expertise, code, bug fixes, and a plethora of other resources to in order to create and maintain open-source projects like Istio Vet, Client Go and Cortex Helm charts.

open source illustration

The Istio Analyzer is a tool to examine Istio configuration for potential problems that should be surfaced back to the user.

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Istio Client Go connects go programs to the Istio API (Kubernetes CustomResources) so you can develop your own operators or controllers that leverage Istio.

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The Cortex Helm chart defines a Cortex installation (Deployments, Services and all the other config) so that you can use the Helm package manager.

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