Multi-cluster Optimization

Manage multiple clusters from one clear data view

An HR software company has been moving to cloud-native platforms for the last 2 years. They have multiple clusters in 5 different regions. They struggle with managing all of the clusters, visualizing traffic for ingress and east-west traffic between clusters, and service level management across clusters. As the number of clusters has grown, these problems have grown exponentially.

There aren’t many tools available to assist with multi-cluster configuration and management, and onboarding developers becomes even more difficult. As such, this company has had to build a lot of tools by hand to assist them. They don’t want to be in the business of creating and supporting custom tools to help with these challenges, as it is undifferentiated work, but do so out of necessity.

They need a solution that allows them to easily manage traffic, policies, and applications across many clusters.

We are shaping the Aspen Mesh Multi-cluster Solution now:

Often people have multiple Kubernetes clusters for their workloads and use Istio’s multi-cluster topologies to form a single logical service mesh across clusters.  This is a very powerful technique that can address many needs: 

  • Data locality regulations 
  • Locality-based load balancing 
  • Enabling datacenter to public cloud migrations 
  • Limiting access to sensitive workloads and data 
  • Failover and high availability 
  • Cloud cost optimization 

Regardless of the reasons for having a multi-cluster configuration, it introduces a whole set of new challenges and complexity, like: 

  • Visualizing and verifying correct traffic flow between clusters. 
  • Monitoring the performance differences between clusters. 
  • Managing configuration parity between clusters. 
  • Performing continuous delivery across clusters. 
  • Managing SLOs across clusters. 

And as more clusters are added these challenges and complexities grow exponentially. 

Our multi-cluster management functionality gives a 360º view of your applications across all your clusters. You have the ability to visualize, manage, and audit your workloads and data wherever they are running without having to jump between browser tabs and command line tools. Within a single view, you can visualize and validate traffic between clusters, to which cluster traffic is being sent, performance characteristics across clusters, and much more. 

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