White Paper: Adopting a Zero-Trust Approach to Security for Containerized Applications

How can you use a service mesh to achieve Zero-Trust security for your containerized applications?

Security White Paper - Aspen MeshA service mesh can be used to achieve Zero-Trust security in a Kubernetes environment by addressing authentication, authorization and accounting. In addition, a service mesh can remove the burden of addressing these security requirements from the development team, freeing them to focus on functions that provide direct value to your customers. Topics include:

  • Zero-Trust Security Today
  • Security Within the Kubernetes Cluster
  • Access Control and Enforcing the Level of Least Privilege
  • Monitoring, Alerting and Observability
  • Achieving Compliance in Highly Regulated Industries

This paper examines the tenets of Zero-Trust security and how a service mesh enables Zero Trust in the microservices environment. It also looks at how Zero-Trust capabilities can help organizations address and demonstrate compliance with stringent industry regulations. The context of our discussion is containerized applications that are managed in Kubernetes clusters, and the capabilities we discuss are provided by the Aspen Mesh distribution of the open-source Istio service mesh.

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