Service Mesh University

Interested in learning more about service mesh? Check out these on-demand service mesh classes to learn more at your own pace.

Service Mesh UniversityThere’s a lot of talk about service mesh these days (What is it? Do I need it? Who should own it? Will it play nicely with my tech stack? How is it evolving?).

Service mesh can be complex, so that’s why we’ve created Service Mesh University. This series of seven classes enables you to find the answers to these questions, on-demand, and at your own pace.

Classes include:

  • 101: Intro to Service Mesh
  • 201: Foundations of Service Mesh
  • 301: Service Mesh Architectures
  • 401: Security, Reliability, and Observability
  • 501: Setting Up Your Service Mesh
  • 601: Maintaining and Improving Your Service Mesh
  • 701: The Future of Service Mesh

Each class is hosted by a different Aspen Mesh “meshpert.” In addition, links are provided with each video for additional resources about the topics covered, class summaries, and transcripts of each video for you to take with.

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