Manning eBook: Solving Microservices Challenges with Service Mesh

Ever had a moment where you say to yourself, “How did they do that?”

Solving Microservices Challenges with Service Mesh

We all have. But really, how are companies able to achieve rapid improvements, provide delightful user experiences, and quickly and securely add capabilities while also defending the core of their businesses? With a microservices architecture, chances are there’s a service mesh behind the scenes helping to make the magic happen.

This new ebook from Manning Publications helps to answer these questions. It’s based on our knowledge of service meshes and the lessons we’ve learned helping users adopt service meshes and build advanced applications on top of them. Chapters include:

  • Architecture of a microservices application
  • Developing production-ready services
  • Introducing Istio service mesh
  • Service mesh and Istio fundamentals
  • Observability with Istio: Understanding the behavior of your services

We’re excited to have sponsored this book, and hope it provides a useful way to learn more about service mesh. Fill out the form below to get your free copy.