You have Kubernetes and Istio, and you understand the power of these platforms. Kubernetes allows you to operate your applications at cloud scale, and Istio gives your applications rich traffic management and security capabilities. There are still a lot of things that Kubernetes and Istio don’t do well, leaving you to come up with workarounds on your own. 

Today it’s virtually impossible for an app owner to take advantage of Istio to meet their SLO’s without becoming Istio experts. That’s where the new Aspen App Intelligence Platform comes in. We give app owners a way to access the data and functionality inside K8’s and Istio – no experience needed.

We are tackling big problems like predictive scaling, continuous rollouts and multi-cluster management. These are the problems we heard from high-performing teams.

See the 4 biggest Kubernetes and Istio problems impacting app performance (and Aspen Mesh’s approach to solving them) in our new White Paper: Kubernetes and Istio are powerful but hard to handle: This is where Aspen Intelligent Platform comes in

I invite you to request Early Access to our new platform now to get it free for a year. As we build new solutions, we want to hear your problems, show you our solutions first, and have you try them in your environment. 

You will get value Day One from the 360° Performance Insight for App Owners features. Better yet, let’s meet and we’ll share what are working on with you – and you can tell us what you want to achieve. Contact Us