Aspen Mesh needs a talented Senior DevOps Engineer to champion the effort to evolve our SaaS application’s automated build, test and deployment pipeline.

We offer a collaborative, agile environment with a team passionate about bringing a new product to a nascent market. Customers and prospects use Aspen Mesh to provide consistent observability, and an ML-based, data-driven analysis and configuration layer for applications in some of the largest architectures in the world. 

As Senior DevOps Engineer, your role is to assist in design and build all aspects of our SaaS infrastructure, data storage, and data transformation tools and process. Our customers rely on our product to understand and scale critical components of their infrastructure; this requires us to achieve both rapid innovation and consistent software quality.  

You will work with senior engineering leadership to define standards of reliability, quality, release cadence and security. You will be a key contributor to deployment and data architecture and maintain systems and processes required for that mission. This includes continuous deployments to the SaaS platform; infrastructure maintenance and configuration, performance measurement; and data transport, transformation and storage.  

What you will do:

  • Optimize Build Patterns with Docker/Containers 
  • Research, implement and adopt deployment patterns in Kubernetes 
  • Instrument telemetry, and optimize SaaS system performance 
  • Support Data Science and Engineering Teams’ software lifecycle 
  • Expertise with maintaining cloud platforms 
  • Contribute valuable experience and insight to architecture and technology choices 
  • Create and maintain documentation 
  • Strong understanding of CircleCI, Git, AWS platform management scripts 
  • Broad understanding of programming and networking structure (Makefiles, headers, code) and compilation process (compile, link) experience with multi-platform (Unix, Windows, OSX) build environments 
  • Demonstrate ability working with sophisticated data products 

What you will bring:

  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines and creating/maintaining internal configuration management tools 
  • Experience creating fully automated build systems with automated testing and deployment involving micro-services and/or server-side or distributed systems (containerized systems like Docker or Kubernetes a must). 
  • Able to build data and engineering tools from scratch when needed. 
  • Experience building or debugging full stack deployments. 
  • Experience building or debugging data pipelines. 
  • Ability to learn and adapt well to new frameworks, tools, languages, and challenges. 
  • BA/BS from an accredited college or university 
  • Knowledge of software engineering principles, testing practices, and demonstrated competency in at least one programming language. 
  • Knowledge of data provenance, data storage, data model deployment, scaling engineering practices and demonstrated competency with data pipeline architecture and deployment. 
  • Work with CISO and F5 SaaS strategy to fulfill goals and requirements for F5 systems security, performance etc. 
  • Excellent oral and written English communication skills 
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks