Aspen Mesh is looking for a talented Lead CI/CD Platform Engineer to champion the effort to evolve our automated build, test and deployment pipeline.We offer a collaborative, fast-paced early-stage environment with a team passionate about bringing a new product to a maturing market. Mid to Large-sized enterprises use Aspen Mesh to provide a consistent observability, policy and security layer for applications in some of the largest architectures in the world. As Lead CI/CD Platform Engineer, you will work with senior engineering leadership to define standards of reliability, quality, release cadence and security and architect and maintain systems and processes required for that mission.

Our role is to design and build all aspects of our CI/CD infrastructure, tools and process we depend on to build, test and release our product. This includes continuous integration, automated quality/test infrastructure, code coverage, defect analysis, performance measurement, packaging, versioning, and upgrades.

What you will do:

  • Analyze our existing CI/CD process, identify gaps, propose and implement improvements–all with a high degree of autonomy.
  • Build critical infrastructure and tooling required by development teams so that engineers can operate, build and release software efficiently and quickly.
  • Ruthlessly automate manual processes using the appropriate technology for the problem at hand.
  • Instrument key systems with telemetry and build visualizations that reveal performance bottlenecks.
  • Create and maintain detailed documentation.

What you will bring:

  • Demonstrated ability working with large, sophisticated products.
  • Excellent oral and written English communication skills.
  • Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks.
  • Strong analytical, communication, and organizational skills.
  • Experience creating fully automated build systems with automated testing.
  • Expert level understanding of Docker, Kubernetes, and the deployment mechanisms associated with microservice architectures.
  • Experience implementing configuration as code.
  • Experience automating simple tasks with programming languages like GoLang, Javascript or Python.
  • Strong understanding of Jenkins, Git, writing build scripts, and using makefiles.
  • Expertise with cloud AWS architectures and tools.
  • Ability to learn and adapt well to new frameworks, tools, languages, and challenges.
  • BA/BS from an accredited college or university.

The Job Description is intended to be a general representation of the responsibilities and requirements of the job. However, the description may not be all-inclusive, and responsibilities and requirements are subject to change.