We are excited to announce that a new liveProject from Manning Publications is now available. A liveProject is a project for you to complete where you can tackle a real-world scenario learning new skills as you go. You’ll develop your own solution and get just enough help to succeed.

In “Secure Application Deployment with Istio on Kubernetes” created by Neeraj Poddar, our Co-Founder and Chief Architect, you will get an overview of Istio’s service mesh, learn how to expose your application to users securely via HTTPS, learn how to protect sensitive user information by utilizing Istio Auth policies, understand application behavior by using Istio telemetry, and efficiently debug your service mesh. 

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  1. Get hands-on experience of safely and securely exposing an ecommerce microservices-based store using Istio  
  2. Iteratively build in new security features step-by-step, mastering Istio as you go  
  3. Handle deploying your application with Istio and Kubernetes, encrypting traffic to your application via self-managed TLS certificate, understanding application behavior by using Istio telemetry 
  4. Finish up with an efficient debug of your app using the Istio service mesh 

Istio service mesh gives you complete visibility over your large scale microservices applications, making it easy to enforce security, manage traffic, spot and debug errors, and improve user experience. 

By the time you’re done with this liveProject, you’ll have the skills to ensure the security of your app, and start making the move away from error-prone manual management of microservices.  

Head over to Manning’s website to get access to this project. 

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