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Aspen Mesh provides the observability, security and scalability you need to operate service mesh in the enterprise, all in an easy-to-use package


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Aspen Mesh Makes Istio Easy

Get the observability, control and security of Istio, plus the power of the Aspen Mesh Platform and team.

Features Designed to Make Your Life Easier

Multi Cluster View
View multiple clusters in a single pane of glass
At-a-glance performance posture
Get immediate line of sight into the status of your services
Macro to Micro View
Zoom from service view into namespace and workload details
Service Listing
See service details to quickly identify failures or bottlenecks
Customizable Security Settings
Incremental mTLS makes it easy to enable encryption per service or namespace
Service Health Details
View health score details to understand individual service health
Health of Mesh
Understand the health of your mesh and vet configuration is correct
Integrate with your preferred tools to get immediate alerts into any changes in mesh health
Help Guides
Our documentation makes it easy to get started with service mesh

Everyone's asking a good question...

What does it take to achieve security in cloud native environments?

We know that there are a ton of benefits in cloud-native architectures: greater scalability, resiliency, and separation of concerns. But new patterns also bring new challenges – such as ephemerality and new security threats.

Aspen Mesh harnesses the power of Istio –

as its core – and extends those capabilities to address enterprise security and compliance needs.

With Aspen Mesh you get:

The Aspen Mesh Agent operates in your Kubernetes cluster to provide monitoring and security over services inside your network


to chat about how we can address your microservices security use case.

Security features:

  • mTLS Status At-a-glance

    Easily understand the security posture of every service in your cluster

  • Incremental mTLS

    Control exactly what’s encrypted in your clusterat the service or namespace level

  • RBAC

    Enforce the level of least privilege to ensure your organization does not create a security concern

  • SSO

    Mitigate organizational risk through Okta and Active Directory integrations

  • Egress Control

    Understand and control exactly what your services are talking to outside your clusters
Observability & Insights

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