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Aspen Mesh provides the observability, security and scalability you need to operate service mesh in the enterprise, all in an easy-to-use package


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The Aspen Mesh Dashboard

The Aspen Mesh Platform provides an intuitive UI that brings the most important information to the forefront so you can easily understand the real-time status of your mesh. Understand the status of your services at-a-glance and quickly be alerted to any health changes.  



Aspen Mesh Service MeshMulti Cluster View

View multiple clusters in a single pane of glass. The Aspen Mesh dashboard allows you to see all of your Kubernetes clusters across different regions and clouds so you can monitor your entire architecture in one place.  

Service Graph

Get at-a-glance understanding of your mesh performance posture and health status. Drill into namespace and workload details to quickly understand the upstream effects of unhealthy services.  

Aspen Mesh Service ListingService Listing

Sort, search and drill into individual services details to identify any errors or latency issues and ensure your service to service communications are secure. 

Service Health Details

The Aspen Mesh Advanced Health Score makes it simple to understand overall health of services and also lets you set thresholds that immediately alert you when exceeded.  


Get immediate alerts into any changes in health or security status of the services in your mesh. The Aspen Mesh Platform will integrate with any of your preferred channels whether it be email, Slack or PagerDuty. 

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