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What’s possible out of the box

Use all 360° Performance Insight for App Owners features:

  • Track health of apps running on Kubernetes. (Minimal configuration with OpenTelemetry) 
  • App and SRE teams can resolve issues faster without being Kubernetes experts.
  • Dynamically drill down into performance metrics. 
  • Understand relationships between services. Quickly ID source of unexpected behavior.

Automatically scale K8s pods ahead of demand with our Predictive Scaling capability

Leverage open standards like OpenTelemetry and Prometheus. (No vendor lock-in)

Aspen Mesh Application Intelligence Platform

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Account requirements and data collection: 

  • You need a Kubernetes cluster with outbound access to the internet. 
  • Use the Aspen Mesh OpenTelemetry Collector to collect and export telemetry data from your clusters.
  • We get Prometheus-based metrics from your containers, pods, deployments and service mesh to understand app status, capacity and health. 
  • We use OpenTelemetry, the industry standard for a vendor-neutral open source Observability framework.