Making Kubernetes Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) live up to its potential

If you’re using Kubernetes’ Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) today, you know its shortcomings. Kubernetes can autoscale your applications based on metric thresholds such as CPU and memory utilization using the Kubernetes HPA resource. The goal of HPA is critical in ensuring that your application can handle the current demand to meet your SLOs and optimize the amount of resources that your application uses. In practice, most people find that the default HPA falls short of their needs.

We are building out Predictive Scaling functionality in our cloud-based platform that leverages Kubernetes HPA. We use the HPA API and add rich telemetry data and ML to model your applications’ behavior and give insight into when applications should be scaled out or in.

Read this white paper from our product engineering team: Overcome the limitations of Kubernetes’ Autoscaler (HPA) to achieve reliable, dynamic autoscaling

The white paper covers:

  • How HPA works
  • Biggest obstacles HPA users face today
  • How custom metrics adapters are used try to overcome limitations
  • How HPA can dynamically autoscale reliably and without expensive overprovisioning.

I invite you to partner with us today to see how our platform works in your environment. Our Early Access program provides full access and we’ll be adding new functionality for Continuous Rollouts and multi-cluster management over the next months.

Better yet, let’s meet and we’ll share what we are working on with you – and you can tell us what you want to achieve.


App Performance Optimization: We’re Making it Automatic with Istio and ML

Back in the early days of Aspen Mesh, we often said that if you couldn’t draw your microservice architecture on a whiteboard you probably couldn’t manage it with humans alone. Even with all the tools available today, people still can’t fully realize the power of their cloud-native environment.

At Aspen Mesh, our heritage is shaping early service mesh code. We are a top contributor of Open Source Istio, and we pioneered mesh implementation for some of the world’s largest enterprises and service providers. We have delved into the intricacies of cloud-native, leveraging our Kubernetes and Istio expertise and left no stone unturned in the pursuit of higher performance at scale. 

Why we’re building the Aspen App Intelligence Platform 

Aspen’s App Intelligence Platform uses AI and ML to understand and predict what is impacting an application’s performance. Our platform makes it possible for any app owner to leverage Kubernetes and Istio data and capabilities to make their app behave optimally without being an expert in those technologies. 

We have seen the complexity of microservices environments test the most elite modern app teams – and for everyone else it’s absolutely untenable to manage it well. At best, you miss the opportunity to improve app performance, at worst it causes a crisis situation with irreversible ramifications – like a loss of customer trust, profitability or reputation. 

Looking around, it didn’t take long to notice something was missing in the market – although Kubernetes and Istio are managed by knowledgeable operations teams, there’s no way for app owners – and even developers – to take advantage of these technologies and architectures because they lack the expertise. Our platform gives a user easy access to everything inside their microservices environment that drives app performance and impacts SLOs. 

The problems we’re focused on 

Empowering development teams to enable their applications to optimize themselves is at the core of our vision. At Aspen, we can see a near-future modern environment that’s able to scale your applications reliably and timely to meet SLOs while optimizing resources, let you deploy anytime with total confidence, and allow you to scale and manage your applications to multiple clusters and regions as if they were local. 

To realize this vision, we are applying AI and ML to the data and tools already available in microservices environments and focusing on three key areas that our users tell us they struggle with the most even after successfully deploying and managing Kubernetes and service mesh. 

Join our Early Access group to start using our App Intelligence Platform now 

The best way to show you what we’re working on is to have you see it for yourself. I invite you to request Early Access now to get full access to the platform and be the first to try new solutions as we release them. Getting started takes just a few minutes, and you’ll get new insight into your app’s behavior on Day One. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to have a conversation with us about absolutely anything. We aren’t selling anything today – instead we want people to use our platform – if you like it, let us know.

This is a chance to help shape what we’re building — if you’re open to collaborative sessions and testing our solutions as we iterate, please request access or better yet, send me an email  or email Brian, our Technical Product Manager.


Kubernetes and Istio are powerful but hard to handle - we give app owners easy access

You have Kubernetes and Istio, and you understand the power of these platforms. Kubernetes allows you to operate your applications at cloud scale, and Istio gives your applications rich traffic management and security capabilities. There are still a lot of things that Kubernetes and Istio don’t do well, leaving you to come up with workarounds on your own. 

Today it’s virtually impossible for an app owner to take advantage of Istio to meet their SLO’s without becoming Istio experts. That’s where the new Aspen App Intelligence Platform comes in. We give app owners a way to access the data and functionality inside K8’s and Istio – no experience needed.

We are tackling big problems like predictive scaling, continuous rollouts and multi-cluster management. These are the problems we heard from high-performing teams.

See the 4 biggest Kubernetes and Istio problems impacting app performance (and Aspen Mesh’s approach to solving them) in our new White Paper: Kubernetes and Istio are powerful but hard to handle: This is where Aspen Intelligent Platform comes in

I invite you to request Early Access to our new platform now to get it free for a year. As we build new solutions, we want to hear your problems, show you our solutions first, and have you try them in your environment. 

You will get value Day One from the 360° Performance Insight for App Owners features. Better yet, let’s meet and we’ll share what are working on with you – and you can tell us what you want to achieve. Contact Us