Aspen Mesh has been a contributor to Istio since 2017 and we support today’s announcement that Istio will be donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. It has been amazing to see the growth, not only in the functionality and quality of the project but also in the diversity and participation of the community over the years. We are excited about the future and continuing our involvement and contributions to the project.  


With the move to CNCF, we look forward to continued vendor-neutral governance and the increased participation by open source developers around the world. As the deployments of Istio continue to increase and be adopted by cloud, enterprise and service provider companies, the number and diversity of use cases will continue to grow. This donation to the premier open source cloud foundation ensures that all voices can be heard. As Istio continues to mature as the leading service-mesh open source technology, so will its governance, quality, ease of use and feature-set. 

Istio’s application to become a CNCF Project is the first step in becoming a CNCF technology. Aspen Mesh is proud to have played a role in advancing Istio’s technology. We congratulate the Istio team and look forward to many future successes together!