360° Performance Insight for App Owners

Monitor app health and track metrics in real time

Software development has changed dramatically in the last several years. New development methods and programs are necessary to realize the value of cloud. The move to a modern app environment introduces a whole host of challenges and complexity that were not present before. 

Developers increasingly own the whole lifecycle of their application; their responsibilities extend beyond what was traditionally expected of them. Their ability to see what’s really happening that is impacting an application’s behavior is limited. Application owners’ error budgets and SLOs aren’t being met. All of this means growing frustration for cloud operators and developers who are unable to manage their workloads at scale and meet their SLOs. 

Aspen Mesh gives app owners unprecedented access and insights

Get an app-centric view focused on what matters most for optimal app performance. Filter applications by name, namespace and status. See everything that impacts your app’s performance and track SLO metrics in real time. Visualize your app’s health, status, and call graph – even across multiple clusters. Our Health Score calculation applies machine learning to Istio telemetry data to understand your app’s unique behavior over time, then gives you a real-time performance score. 

Quickly drill down to real-time and historical views to know what’s impacting performance: 

  • SLO metrics tracking 
  • Latency 
  • Error rates and what’s consuming your Error Budget 
  • Success rates 
  • Inbound and outbound requests 
  • Ingress and Egress for your application 
  • Call graph 
  • mTLS status 
  • Timelines of events and metrics that impact your app

App call graphs. View health and communications between all of services.

Detailed telemetry between services. Drill down data and health in calls between services.

App details and metrics histograms.

Learn More About 360° Performance Insight for App Owners in This White Paper: Kubernetes and Istio are powerful but hard to handle: This is where Aspen App Intelligence Platform comes in

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